Progressive Insurance Company, United States

Progressive Cooperation is an International Insurance Company located in Mayfield Village, Ohio, United States. The company was co-founded by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis in the year 1973. 

Concerning total revenue ( of largest US corporations ) Progressive Insurance Company was ranked 99th in the list of Fortune 500, 2019. 

Progressive auto insurance offers cheap auto insurance for all kinds of vehicles as

  • Recreational Vehicles (RV’S)
  • Bikes (Motorcycles)
  • Boats

And many other commercial vehicles but is renowned for its car insurance

According to NerdWallet’s ( American Company which provides Financial Management Assistance ) ratings, Progressive auto insurance obtained 4.5/5 starts because of its exceptional performance in providing financial strength and allowance and is announced one of the best car insurance companies of 2020.

Progressive Corporation Operational Method:

The Company’s Operational Method is divided into three components:

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Auto
  • Other-indemnity

Personal Lines:

The Personal Lines section is the one where insurance for 

  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Private Passenger Automobiles

is discussed. Since the Private Passenger Automobiles are no ordinary cars but the antique ones, any regular cheap auto insurance except for Progressive auto insurance can’t be of much help.

Commercial Auto:

This section controls insurance for vehicles that encounter physical damage through an independent agency channel. 



The Other-indemnity section is responsible for handling professional liability insurance ( resolving matters that arouse financial loss) covering issues ranging from negligence to violation of fair dealing.

In frotune500, 2011, the company was ranked 164 for efficiently adjusting Commercial Auto Insurance, over 25 states internationally.

Progressive Insurance Company ad-on options:

Besides, to the usual auto insurance services Progressive Insurance company is also well known for providing roadside assistance services as

  • Collision Insurance
  • Gap Insurance
  • Car Repair Insurance

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Collision Insurance:

Collision insurance includes all kinds of damages you may encounter during your drive including the veterinarian bills if traveling with a pet.

Gap Insurance:

The very moment the car leaves the car lot, most of the cars lose 20% of their value within a year. Progressive auto insurance services cover the gap insurance area for its customers and pay 25% above the current market value for the car if it gets damaged.

To avail Progressive Gap Insurance service, the customer will have to buy both collision and comprehensive coverage in the package but the decision will not be regretting because of Progressive’s auto insurance amazing discounts.

Comprehensive Insurance:

If your car experiences any kind of damage other than collision or gets stolen, this is where Comprehensive Insurance takes place. It helps in repairing the damage, and recovery of losses.


13 Big Discounts of Progressive auto insurance:

  1. Discount for continuous renewal of insurance.
  2. Discount for making teenagers part of Progressive auto insurance.
  3. Good Student ( Students with good grades) Discount.
  4. Sign Online (Sign your documents online) Discount.
  5. Discount for advance payment of the six-month policy.
  6. Multi-car Discount.
  7. Discount for making payment of the sixth-month policy on a fixed date.
  8. Distant Student Discount. ( If they lie in some specific scenario considered by the Progressive Insurance Company as distant)
  9. Multi-Policy Discount.
  10. Discount for getting a quote ( The insurance coverage you chose and shared your information for car insurance online)
  11. Paperless Discount
  12. Discount for homeowners because of their financial stability.
  13. Discount for being a good driver ( Performance is regularly monitored through snapshot).

Progressive Corporation Snapshot Service:

Progressive Auto insurance uses a program named as “SNAPSHOT’ that keeps the track of a driver’s activity frequently as his

  • Speed
  • How many hours he drives
  • How he drives
  • On what timings he drives the most
  • Location

Thus, a complete check on the customer’s driving behavior.

Progressive auto insurance along with great care helps its customers to become a better driver by providing “Efficient Driving tips and tricks”. This helps the drivers to improve their performance and they get the chance to lower their insurance rates also. 

The initiative of the “Progressive Snapshot Program” was specifically taken to provide its customers with better driving experience. Progressive by keeping an eye on the driver’s performance adjust the customer’s insurance rates and the customers receive an automatic discount on each renewal of the insurance policy. 

Progressive Rideshare Insurance Service:

As compared to the local rideshare insurance which only covers the period between the pick and drop of a customer Progressive Rideshare insurance offers a more reliable ride experience, providing special care to its customers. 

As long as the Progressive’s Rideshare app is open on your cell phone you are covered, the whole ride will be monitored unless or until the app is not turned off.

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Progressive Insurance Company Online Services:

Progressive is the 3rd largest auto insurance providing company all over the United States was also the first major company to provide auto insurance online.

Its services thorough

  • Independent insurance agents
  • Cell Phone
  • Internet

More than 30,000 independent insurance agencies sell Progressive services internationally. The customers can also avail Progressive’s insurance services through 

This website helps the customers to contact Progressive Company’s efficient agents to make the sale. Furthermore, the customers can pay their bills and check the claim status that whether the claim is accepted, denied, or paid, etc.

Progressive Insurance Company Virtual Assistance:

Progressive virtual assistance provides customers the opportunity of direct contact with the corporation. The customers can clear queries and ask questions from the professional workers of the company. 

Progressive Insurance Company services are not only limited to cheap auto insurance but advance to insurance services for life, homes, and renters as well. Thus, being one of the best enterprises within the United States, Progressive lives by its name.