Progressive cooperation, an international Insurance Providing company, one of the top 3 Insurance enterprises within the United States. Progressives auto insurance has been in the run for 73 years providing home insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance services and received unimaginable praise and acknowledgment from people within its auto insurance area. According to recent NerdWallet’s, 2020 progressive car insurance service rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. The company was the first one to provide premium insurance service at installments putting customers at ease.

According to recent publications of fortune 500, 2019 ( Fortune 500, Fortunes magazines that compare companies by revenues all over the united states among which 500 best US companies (public/private) are announced depending on their performance) Progressive was ranked 99th.

Progressives offer a wide range of insurance services ranging from houses, transport to your pets at affordable rates along with providing programs as a snapshot, name your price tool to advance customer’s driving experience.


Why and How? Progressive’s establishment initiative:

There were innumerable companies that provided insurance but nothing was indifferent about services. The main goal Joseph Lewis and Jack Green kept their mind on were “ they should provide customers with something different and affordable” from which anyone could be benefited.

Later on, they came up with the idea of starting a company named “Progressive Mutual Insurance company”. They started with lawyers having their professional startup and then expanded their business from communities to many international countries.

Even after being getting known all over the world Progressive’s policy of affordable insurance service remained consistent. Their efforts for becoming reliable to their customers can be judged from their driving programs which along with reasonable rates ensure the customer’s security as well by keeping a strict check on their driving behavior.

Progressive’s establishment

Thus, Progressive being an independent agency sells insurance through agents that are not restricted to sell progressive insurance services. The customers can seek services from different agencies and decide to whom they should trust with their life, house, or vehicle security.

Progressive’s Business History:

It has been years since progressive’s been providing its cheap insurance services to the customers and evolved day by day.

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Progressive after being providing cheap insurance to startup lawyers was also the first-ever insurance company in the United States that offered drive-in claim service. Later on, the services advanced to the level where they started providing insurance to the drivers (of all kinds of vehicles) all over the state. This was also the time when industry policy standards were set within the company. The customers who availed Progressive’s auto insurance services were first interrogated that whether they’ve encountered any accidents in their driving experience and the drivers with safe driving background were rewarded special discounts.


In the year 1964, Progressive became the first company nationwide that provided nonstandard auto insurance to the customers considering their larger chance of the risks. The company has always considered growth, security, and customers ease prior to profit. Many customers prioritized buying insurance of lower rates instead of their protection.

Regardless of customers thinking of having underrated auto insurance (just to become legal drivers) Progressive’s quality services ensure customers’ security at most.


As the company took progress and established to some extent Progressive started selling commercial insurance lines. They also started the Progressive Art Collection program in their new headquarter of Mayfield, Ohio, America where they held exhibitions and shared original art pieces that supported creative ideas.


Progressive unlike other companies shares its yearly report where they share all kinds of experiences with their customers. The data contains all sorts of ups and downs the company encountered. The company’s On-line Transaction Enquiry program helped to manage data, growth, and direction that implied further growth.


Progressives auto insurance was designed with the thought of providing cheap auto insurance to the customers and remained consistent until now.

In the year 1988, the public started a protest against high auto insurance rates which alarmed many insurance companies nationwide. This uproar might’ve caused a great financial loss to the companies that could’ve affected their high-quality public security programs.

Continuing being one of the leading insurance companies played its role as a mentor which settled the public and made them realize how insurance is protecting them along with managed financial circumstances on both sides.


Progressive was the first-ever company that’s started providing its customers the privilege of online services. According to the customer’s feedback Progressive auto insurance services availing is the most reliable one when it comes to Online systems.

The company took many initiatives that no other company had ever thought of before. Programs arrangement was free of the company’s profit thought. Their ideology of providing protection to the customers made them gain success and fame all over the world.


The company uses programs that provides per min comparison of bills with the top auto insurance companies nationwide. Progressive’s auto insurance rates as compared to the top enterprises provided better services at more affordable rates in contrast. Constant track of driver’s ride behavior is kept through apps providing the financial strength along with securing them and the country with disasters.

Progressives auto insurance differs from driver’s experience. The drivers with low driving experience and more risky jobs avail special insurance services. The customers can even share photos and videos through Progressive’s app and make a claim. Tricia Griffith, the current Progressive CEO has now decided to further establish that home insurance is the same as the level of Progressives auto insurance.

Until up to 2020, progressive maintained an exceptional performance for all these years. There is hardly any customer that might complain about progressive insurance services. Progressive has already gained much progress through its auto insurance area, but after watching its performance in home and life insurance services it will surely become the best insurance company all over the world.