Geico as almost all of us know is a company that provides brilliant auto insurance services but you might’ve don’t know that the company has stepped into the Home Insurance area as well.

The company does not directly provide home insurance (the main area the company covers is auto insurance etc.) but has gotten linked with a network of top home insurance providing companies.

Some of the companies Geico’s linked for home insurance purposes include:

  • Foremost
  • American Family
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Chubb
  • Homesite


Geico Home Insurance Packages/Coverages:

  • Additional living expenses
  • Dwelling coverage medical payments coverage
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Personal property coverage


Additional living expenses coverage:

This coverage is for customers whose houses destroyed or are not under conditions that a person can’t live there. The company will pay bills for hotels or rooms the customer has temporarily booked until the house gets better enough to live.


Dwelling coverage:

This coverage is for people who are looking for a renovation or something new within your houses, for example, if you are tired with your old-fashioned garage, or looking for some new 3D tiles for your kitchens or bathrooms then this coverage is for you. The company will pay the expenses and help you to renovate and change the structure of your house as you wish to.


Medical payments coverage:

This coverage covers the area of your injuries or health. Any person at your house ( whether a family member or anybody else) if gets injured then the company will handle the situation and pays the bills without considering who was responsible.


Personal liability coverage:

Geico’s liability coverage is the most reliable one because it covers both the expenses for the other party’s repairing issues and attorney’s fee a well if the situation gets worse. Thus, simply the company will pay the bills if somehow, you’ve accidentally injured someone on your property or in case the other party files a case towards you the company will help you to pay bills to your hired attorney.

This area also covers bills for repairing the other party’s house or equipment even if you are at fault ( the fault must be a mistake).


Personal property coverage:

This coverage is for the customer’s very own self needs. Like if a customer is not satisfied with his furniture, clothing, and other things (things are damaged or have gotten rough enough to be thrown out or be replaced) then he/she can depend on the company for the bills.

Geico even after covering such brilliant areas offers some other coverages as well that completely secure persons present or future.

The coverages include:

Flood Insurance Coverage:

Many insurance company’s do not offer insurance services if your house has gotten damaged because of flood issues. But, Geico covers its customers by providing flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Thus, if you are living in an area that is much more prone to floods then Geico is the only insurance company you should rely upon for the best services.


Identity theft protection Coverage:

The customer just needs to pay eve less than 8$ to avail of this coverage. The company immediately reports the customer when anything out of normal activity occurs ( the company has access to customer’s bank details ).


Jewelry insurance coverage:

The company pays almost 500 to 2000$ to cover your jewelry loss.


Pet insurance Coverage:

This area covers all the veterinary expenses for your pets. If the pet gets injured or is suffering through some illness then the company will pay almost 90% of the pet’s medical bills.


Umbrella Insurance Coverage:

This coverage is somehow essential or let’s say a person must utilize because we never know what trouble we can go through tomorrow.

This coverage offers an extra 1 million$ to add in your liability coverage. 

Thus, if you are going through some trouble and believe that your liability coverage money is not enough to cover the loss then switch to Geico, utilize its Umbrella Insurance Coverage, and cover the damage.


Geico Home Insurance Discounts:

Geico along with already providing affordable home insurance rates tries to further facilitate its customers by providing grand discounts. Home Insurance discounts include:

  • Geico Smoke Detector Alarms or Fire Extinguishers Discount
  • Geico Multi-Policy Discount
  • Geico Home Security Systems Discount


Geico Smoke Detector Alarms or Fire Extinguishers Discount:

This discount is for people who have installed house safety systems like fire alarms, security cameras, and other devices or equipment that are helpful to protect themselves.


Geico Multi-Policy Discount:

Multi-Policy discount is for people who insure their cars through Geico along with buying Geico Home Insurance. Thus, customers can enjoy a great discount on rates by availing multiple services from Geico.


Geico Home Security Systems Discount:

This discount is only for people who have installed an alarm security system within your house. In other words, Geico tries to provide its customers with reasonable rates by any means necessary.

Putting it simply, the only difference between Geico Home Security Systems Discount and Geico Smoke Detector Alarms or Fire Extinguishers Discount is that the Home security systems discount is applicable when you are having or can afford various security system within your household. On the other hand, the people who can only afford the most basic alarm security system within their house earn Geico Home Security Discount.


Overall Geico is one of the leading US Insurance Agencies world-wide. The company since not provides Home Insurance services directly is, therefore, have not ranked in JD Powers insurance agencies ranking chart but, many of the companies that Geico’s linked with ranked repeatedly.

Geico has worked with and for many leading enterprises internationally and is one of the reliable companies among its customers.