Allstate introduced as an auto insurance company in, by Robert E. Wood, 1931. The main purpose of the company was to provide its customers the auto insurance at reliable rates that anyone could bear.

Allstate was the first company to deicide insurance rates of a car depending on its condition. Later on, the trend many other insurance agencies followed the trend worldwide. Along with providing affordable rates, deciding insurance rates by focusing on the vehicle’s condition the company was also the first to provide discounts on small vehicles.

US news cars ranking 2020:

  • USAA
  • Geico
  • Allstate
  • State Farm
  • Farmers
  • Progressive
  • American Family
  • Nationwide
  • Travelers

All states scored 4.10/5 according to overall ratings. The US news held a survey where they wanted to analyze the company’s services from a customer’s perspective or to recognize how much customers are satisfied with Allstate auto insurance.

Was it easy to file the claim? Do you recommend everyone should choose Allstate for their insurance services?

Satisfied or very satisfied: Around 80% of people came up with the answer of satisfied or very satisfied. According to them the process to file a claim was extremely smooth, and the agent was professional, easy to work with.

Dissatisfied or Very Dissatisfied: 

Apart from the 80%, about 10% of remaining consumers said that the claim process was not easy, there was a lot of paperwork, less focus on queries clarification and the issues took like forever to resolve, etc.

Was AllState staff cooperating? Are you satisfied with the Allstate status update?

Satisfied or very satisfied: 

Again 80% of the consumers said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service with Allstate staff and status update.

According to customers, the whole staff was professional and communicated solutions to customer’s issues in detail.

Also, the customers said that status update service whenever they filed a claim was the best. It helped the customers to relax and stay updated that how the problems are going to resolve a timely.

Dissatisfied or very dissatisfied: 

Less than 10% of consumers said that they were not satisfied with the service and gave the same reasons that the staff was not cooperative, filing a claim was a headache, no updates, etc.

Overall, about 64% of the consumers were completely satisfied saying that Allstate auto insurance is the best, no matter what expect you look at it. Whether they are rates, claim filing procedure, staff, or update they were completely satisfied and happy.

On the other hand, about 26% of the customers said that they were only satisfied with the services, not too low but not high as well, or put it simply you might consider it an intermediate situation where some customers’ needs fulfilled and others were just satisfactory.

The remaining is 10% which complained that they are not satisfied with the services at all. The staff was not professional enough, it was hard for them to clear out the queries, they were not cooperative enough. Their claim filing status update was way too slow, leaving the customers anxious and blank. Similarly, according to them the discounts and rates were not satisfactory enough.

Thus, if we judge All State’s pros and cons from this service then the pros of AllState were that the company was cooperative while filing a claim and provided great customer service in terms of professionalism. On the other hand, in the cons section, only one weakness that requires focus is the prices were not competitive enough, so overall Allstate needs to focus on the competitive pricing section.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies, 2020:


Allstate: $1,880

Nationwide: $1,864

Farmers: $1,682

American Family: $1,391

Progressive: $1,373

Travelers: $1,267

State Farm: $1,234

Geico: $1,168

USAA: $885

Allstate Car Insurance Rates, Age wise:

Married 60, male$2,012.48
Married 60, female$2,097.41
Married 35, male$1,853.99
Married 35, old female$1,838.24
Single 25, male$1,716.82
Single 25, female$1,763.31

Estimating from overall rates, the company does have greater prices as compared to other companies in terms of auto insurance.

When auto insurance rates of leading insurance agencies that provided auto insurance services compared AllState was the agency with the highest prices.

There is no difference between the packages and services between AllState and other lading insurance enterprises as Progressive, Framers, and USAA, etc., but still, there was a huge difference between the prices which somehow irritated about 10% of Allstate consumers.

Allstate auto insurance Austin, Tx (Tx-Texas):

Allstate auto insurance has been serving customers in Texas for a long time, according to the company their agents are everywhere in Texas covering all the area.

Since the company has been providing its insurance services to its customers for ages, the company is well aware that what taxis citizens expect from Allstate. So, wherever you are whether its Austin, tx, or Houston tx, you need Allstate auto insurance the agent will be there to assist you.


Although the company had been providing brilliant services nationally, the company was not reliable in terms of rates at all. Many people switched to other insurance agencies just because the rates of AllState were getting higher and higher.

Also, according to US News survey reports, no matter what aspect you look at Allstate auto insurance service from there is no single coverage that offers reasonable prices or discount.

Also, any customers claimed that the company does not abide by its own created rules. The statements made by the company aren’t trustworthy. In All State’s auto insurance discounts page that if a customer does not file any claim for a certain period he/she will enjoy a special discount, but instead of going down the rates have gotten much higher, even when the customers did not file any claim for years. So, the customers targeted the company time for not staying by its words.