Admit it or not we all need car insurance to lead a stable and secure life. In the United States, no matter what state it is within the country, the person needs to buy auto insurance to become a legal driver.

Other than that, unfortunately, if you encounter an accident and you are out of money as well then what do you think? How will you come up with the big money on spot to resolve the damage? There can be issues where the other party may file a lawsuit against you? Or you’ve injured yourself badly?

So, yes, we do require auto insurance so some insurance companies can support us when we are broke.

The next query that arises is what companies’ customers should approach that provide the best services with low rates or shortly a cheap auto insurance agency that can support you with the best services.

After searching and going through data of different insurance agencies the Best auto insurance companies with the lowest rates we came up with are the following:

  1. USAA
  2. Geico
  3. State Farm
  4. Travelers
  5. Progressive
  6. American family
  7. Farmers
  8. Nationwide
  9. Allstate


Usaa as compared to other insurance agencies is the most affordable one. The company is known for providing the cheapest auto insurance rates in contrast with other insurance companies.

Also, even if the company’s (USAA) rates gotten a bit higher the company was not much far in its rates from the companies that were the cheapest in terms of auto insurance.

So, overall the company has maintained years with great and cheap auto insurance services. So, if you are searching for the Best auto insurance companies with the lowest rates then you must pay a visit to USAA and find whether they are suitable for you or not.


Geico, the 2nd best auto insurance company with the lowest rates. Geico auto insurance prices from the start till now had a very little variance, the rates gotten up and low but were never the one someone couldn’t afford.

Geico is famous among students because of providing the most reasonable rates. Many students choose Geico due to their affordable rates along with providing grand discounts which makes the total price just a few dollars.

So, this is the second company that you can get along with when you are looking for a cheap auto insurance company with great services.

State Farm:

State Farm is the 3rd cheapest insurance agency that you can rely on for affordable auto insurance prices. The company has been in the market for years providing customers steady rates till now.

State Farm is the most reliable company for speeding ticket and DUI issues. In contrast with other insurance agencies, State Farm offers the most reasonable rates even if you are having problems with your driving record.

In many insurance agencies, people with DUI or speeding ticket fines in their driving record go through a lot of fuss to get insured, but State Farm provides such customers great service, and charge reasonable rates.


Travelers the 4rth cheapest auto insurance providing company. Although its rates are not as great as USAA, GEICO, or State Farm, the company does provide its customers with great services.

The reason that Travelers is one of the best auto insurance companies with the lowest rates that no matter what gender, age, or qualification of you are, the company will provide you the best rates that you can afford. In other words, although the company’s rates are a bit high still the customers can afford traveler’s auto insurance services easily.


Progressive the 5th cheapest auto insurance company nationally. No matter how we put it “Progressive is Progressive” or simply you might say that Progressive services are worth it.

Although the company’s rates a little bit higher than the other ones but the company is in one of the best auto insurance companies with the lowest rates.

Same as State Farm, the company provides cheapest rates to customers with a bad driving record ( problems as DUI or speeding ticket).

But one thing in which progressive and state farms are unlike is an accident. Progressive rates skyrocket when a customer with records having accidents or a present member the company does not show any compromise.

American Family:

American Family the 6th cheapest auto insurance agency. Rates are rather not low nor high. The company maintained its rates almost near to the average rates but as mention afore, people with poor driving skills, DUI, or speeding ticket issues do require someone that can help them in their hard time. Also, American family provides charge lower prices to people with a poor record.


Farmers the 7th cheapest auto insurance company. Since it’s included in the best auto insurance companies with the lowest rates, we can’t say that the customers can never reach Farmers for help, but when it comes to the cheapest auto insurance agencies rates then yes, Farmers is expensive. Also, the company is not good with cheap auto insurance in any area. Whether you have poor driving skills or a great driving record, you will pay.


Nationwide, the 8th cheapest auto insurance agent when we consider the best insurance agencies generally. But again, when it comes to the best auto insurance agencies with the lowest rates, Nationwide is not the company you are looking for.

Generally, the company ranks in one of the best auto insurance agencies with the cheapest rates. So, it is more appropriate to visit the company and check their prices and customer satisfaction vision. We never know, you might find the company helpful in many aspects of it might prove suitable for you.


All state, the 9th cheapest auto insurance agency. The company has the highest rates among all other best auto insurance agencies with the lowest rates. Also, All-State is not much help in any area, whether you are a student, a new driver, or whatever the scenario is the company will charge. Again, it is better to visit the company first, the company does provide the best insurance services, you might find something for yourself.