• The person can save up to 20% of the total price if he/she buys Amica’s home auto insurance.
  • The person can find a reliable, professional, and licensed contractor for repairing their houses.
  • 94% of Amica’s customers have maintained a long-term relationship with them due to their cooperation and helpful services.
  • The company’s reliability is clear from its ratings in different “Selection of best insurance agencies world-wide”, and one more plus-point of Amica is their financial strength as compared to other insurance companies.
  • The employees at Amica are professionals who have worked with diverse companies and customers.

Amica Home Insurance Coverages:

  • Valuable items extended coverage
  • Water backup/sump overflow coverage liability and medical payment coverage
  • Increased dwelling replacement coverage
  • Business property coverage
  • Loss assessment plan coverage
  • Computer coverage
  • Personal property replacement coverage
  • Credit card coverage

Valuable items extended coverage:

In this coverage, the company helps people financially in terms of jewelry, antiques, or other paintings that exceed normal prices ( including simple ones).

Water backup/sump overflow coverage:

This coverage helps with maintenance and repair of damage caused due to a water pipe bursting or the sump pump appliances installed were not working well which led to damage to the house due to leakage issues.

Liability and medical payment coverage:

The company provides extra financial support to its customers in terms of medical issues.

Increased dwelling replacement coverage:

This coverage refers to replacing of house material. You may call it renovation, updating your house according to current designs with new models.

Thus, in this coverage, the company offers extra financial support to its customers ( providing more money than usual) and help them transform their houses to something brand new.

Business property coverage:

This coverage if for home-based offices, workplaces, or businesses. The company helps the customers to stay updated, providing the latest updating, repair, and replacing services.

Loss assessment plan coverage:

Amica Home insurance also offers loss assessment plan coverage. For example, if you are an owner of the shared property (property shared by one or more people), and unfortunately your property encounters damage, the Amica’s Loss assessment plan coverage steps in, providing its customers the support they require until the situation gets handled.

Computer coverage:

In the current era. It is almost impossible to believe that you are not having any electronic devices at your houses. Almost all of us have devices that contain our important data and sometimes we need something more reliable that we can easily work with and need a perfect guideline that what kind of device ( specs) we should pick.

Amica Home insurance computer coverage helps its customers with maintenance, repair, and replacing issues. The customers can get the help of professionals that can give them proper guidance regarding what kind of devices they should buy, to whom they should consult if they want their devices repaired.

Personal property replacement coverage:

If you are tired of the outdated and old-fashioned designs, furniture, or other materials of your house then you must try Amica’s property replacement coverage, this coverage helps you to replace your house with current attractive designs of anything you want. The company will support you in thick and thin, paying all the bills for you ensuring that you receive the best services.

Credit card coverage:

If you have lost your credit card due to a robbery or have lost it on your way, Amica’s credit card coverage has got you covered. The company will offer you 5000$ to support yourself.

Amica Home Insurance discounts:

  • Multipolicy discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • New/remodeled home credit discount
  • E-discount
  • Claim-free discount
  • Alarm system discount
  • Autopay discount
  • Automatic detection devices discount

Multipolicy discount:

Buying Amica insurance in bundle ( home, auto, and life, etc.) you can enjoy a multi-policy discount.

Loyalty discount:

Amica is one of the best companies for many reasons but it’s also renowned for maintaining a long-term relationship with its customers. Unlike other companies, Amica offers a loyal discount even if you’ve remained a member of any other insurance agency for a long period.

New/remodeled home credit discount:

Equipping your home with security systems such as advanced locks, fire extinguishers, or any other security systems for safety purposes can help you win a new or remodeled home credit discount.


Receiving and sending bills, payment of bills, and other information through e-billing (electronically) qualifies you for –E-discount.

Claim-free discount:

Management of 3 years straight without any lack of history ( without filing any claim or leading a secured life )you’ll be eligible for receiving a claim-free discount.

Alarm system discount:

Installing alarm systems as smoke or fire etc. qualifies you for the alarm system discount.

autopay discount:

Setting up a system online where you have fixed the date to make payment to the agency qualifies you for the auto-pay discount.

Automatic detection devices discount:

This discount is for people who have installed systems within their houses that continuously keep-track of temperature along with checking leakages issues ( gas or water pipe bursting or leakage etc.)


Areas, Amica Home Insurance services:

AlaskaLouisiana MaineNorth CarolinaMississippi
South CarolinaNew JerseyWashingtonMontana
VermontOhioGeorgiaNorth Dakota
ArizonaWashington WestPennsylvaniaTexas
ArkansasNevadaIndianaSouth Dakota
DelawareSouth DakotaKentuckyOregon
New HampshireMaineNew MexicoPennsylvania
District of ColumbiaHawaiiNorth CarolinaOklahoma
HampshireColoradoWisconsinNorth Dakota
IdahoNew YorkMissouriVirginia

Overall, Amica is no doubt one of the best and greatest insurance agencies nationally but the thing that is most helpful for the customer is America’s financial strength. Amica, unlike other companies, is financially extremely strong which helps the company and its customers lead a stable relationship.