USAA Home insurance, just like other companies provides the same insurance services for your house like an insurance for the maintenance, repairing or replacing of ceilings, underground pipes or electronic wires, electric or gas appliances, furniture, lost material, or any other damage you may suffer. The same goes for the flood and earthquake coverage, the company offers this insurance service in a different coverage where first the damage inquiry takes place and the company decides that whether they can provide you assistance in this certain area ( the area you are living in) or not.

Along with the home insurance policy, USAA covers renters and home insurance as well, providing the same benefits as covering you if you have accidentally damaged the house, something gets stolen or someone else gets injured on your property, etc.

Except for North Carolina and New York, the company offers cybersecurity and theft damage insurance service to its customers covering all the payments part (provides financial strength to its customers).

Last but not least, the policy that lies under standard home insurance options is Home-age coverage. The company pays bills for the renovation of your house, designing it with material that transforms its market worth according to current market value.

Additional USAA Homeowners Insurance Coverages:

  • Earthquake coverage
  • Personal umbrella policy
  • Valuable personal property insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Flood insurance

Earthquake coverage:

As mentioned earlier, this coverage is specifically for people who are living in areas that are more prone to fire problems. There was a time when flood and earthquake areas due to the large-scale loss were ignored, but later on, many companies decided to support people int his hard time and came up with flood and earthquake coverage.

Personal umbrella policy:

This policy is to support people when the matter gets out of their hands. For example, if a person injures himself on your property and the other party files a lawsuit against you, then this is where Personal umbrella policy steps in. This policy offers extra financial support to its customers covering all the expenses until the person gets free of the issues.

Valuable personal property insurance:

In this coverage, USAA supports its customers when they suffer damage or loss in their valuable materials as jewelry, art crafts, and other and antiques, the prices of such materials are high and their loss is hard to recover. USAA, later on, introduced Valuable personal property insurance to support its customers financially to recover their loss and according to current market values as well.

Business insurance:

This coverage covers the area of appliances or equipment used at office workplaces. The company will help in the repair and replacement of devices.

Flood insurance:

This coverage, one of the rarest policies that only some companies offer. USAA covers as well. The company offers flood insurance services only to people of the areas who are living in areas that are more likely to get damaged from flood issues. This policy does not cover normal pipe burst or water leakage problems but only covers the large-scale loss caused by flooding.

USAA Home Insurance Discounts:

  • Home-age discount
  • Protective device discount
  • ADT Home Security Systems discount
  • Claim-free discount
  • Impact-resistant roof discount
  • Membership loyalty discount
  • Multiple USAA products discount
  • Multipolicy discount ( Auto and home combination discount)
  • Automatic detection devices discount
  • Fire wise discount
  • Good payment history

Home-age discount:

This is a simple discount given to people for buying USAA Home insurance services. Thus, the rates vary from house to house. For example, if your house is newly built then there are chances of securing more money as compared to outdated houses.

Protective device discount:

People with house security systems are qualified for this discount. If you have installed fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke alarms, CCTV cameras, or other automatic lock systems you’ll get USAA protective device discount.

ADT Home Security Systems discount:

The person earns about 60% discount if he/she has secured the house with ADT security system.

Claim-free discount:

If you have managed a decent image for more than 4 years (did not file any claims) then you’ll get a 10% discount when you will renew.

Multipolicy discount:

The person can secure up to 10% of the total payment if he/she has bought more than one insurance policy of USAA.

Impact-resistant roof discount:

If you have installed an Impact-resistant roof (a roof that is resistant to wind etc.) in your house then you are eligible for this discount.

Membership loyalty discount:

If you’ve been a member of USAA for years and have not switched to any other company mid-way then yes, this discount is for you.

Good payment history discount:

Customers who pay their bills timely are qualified for this discount.

Multiple USAA products discount:

When you tend to make payments or search other information about the company through e-billing then you are qualified for multiple USAA products discount.

Automatic detection devices discount:

Securing your house with systems that would automatically detect gas or water leakage within your house will win your USAA Automatic detection devices discount.

Fire wise discount:

This discount is specifically for people who are living in areas that are more likely to face fire problems as compared to normal ones. These areas can be near forests or areas where researches take place.

Areas where USAA Home Insurance serves its services:

ArkansasMaineOregonSouth Dakota
MissouriNorth CarolinaKansasSouth Carolina
KentuckyNew HampshireMarylandCalifornia
AlabamaNorth CarolinaLouisiana MaineSouth Dakota
HampshireMinnesotaVirginiaDistrict of Columbia
New YorkNorth DakotaDelawareVermont
PennsylvaniaMississippiColoradoWashington West
FloridaTexasIllinoisNew Jersey
ConnecticutHampshireNew MexicoMinnesota