AAA started in 1902, by a group of 5 motorists who provided roadside assistance to people. The work was expanding little by little until the year 2000. Later on, the company services enhanced and about 100 call centers received calls from the customers for roadside assistance. In those years, overall 29 million customers’s made requests. Later on, the mere business took the shape of a grand insurance company that provided home, life, and auto insurance services.

No matter what aspect you look at the company, aaa has been the best. The company offers insurance services at affordable rates along with providing grand discounts.


The company’s one of the best services is aaa auto insurance free quote. Anyone who wants to purchase the auto insurance policy of aaa insurance he/she can easily buy it.

aaa auto insurance free quotes service has attracted many people to the company. The company has provided financial support to uncountable customers and is still counting.

aaa home insurance:

Apart from standard home insurance policies such as property damage, medical payment, etc, the company offers some extra coverages that prove extremely beneficial for the customers.

  • The aaa insurance policy offers a loss-of-use policy, which covers the rental and hotel expenses of the customers. The customers whose houses are in no condition for a living in are qualified for this coverage, otherwise, the company will not provide any kind of financial support.
  • The second one is the other structures policy. In this coverage, the company pays bills for the repair of demolished garages, rooftops or swimming pools, etc. Thus, if you are facing issues because your garage  or the swimming pool is getting smelly you can rely on aaa insurance other structures policy.
  • The third one is the medical payment policy, the most important coverage a person can buy. In this coverage, the company supports you financially if you’ve injured yourself on yours or someone else’s property. Normally, we must think that why should we ever by medical payment policy, we can go and see the doctors our self, but we never know what kind of accidents we can encounter. What you can do if you accidentally break your bone, you are all by yourself then from where you are going to bring such a great sum of money. This is where aa insurance medical payment policy becomes your support.
  • The 4rth one is personal property policy. In this policy you can cover your house important equipment such as electronic appliances or gas heaters etc. the company will pay for the repair of your appliances. Also, if you are tired of getting your appliances to repair again and again because they’ve gotten old and not working the same as before, the company will pay the bills to replace them if you want to.

Also, the liability is increasable if you want to secure yourself in case of your important items as well. the company will provide you financial support if you want to repair your jewelry, piano, or want to replace your painting’s frame. Thus, in all such cases, you can rely on aaa insurance.

  • The 5th is personal liability coverage. In this coverage, medical bills for the injury of a person who injured himself on your property or from your side are the company covers the bills. For example, if your neighbor came to your house and slipped on the stairs because you accidentally bumped into him, the company will pay his medical expenditures.

aaa home insurance discounts:


  • Senior citizens enjoy a mature policyholder discount if they own a house.
  • Replacing your house’s rooftop or not filing a claim for several years can help you secure a grand discount on your home insurance Thus, aaa insurance new roof and no claim discounts can save you a great sum of money in this case.
  • Anyone who makes his one-year payment for his insurance policies in one go can help him earn an Annual prepayment discount. This discount also saves great sum of money for the consumer.
  • People who’ve purchased aaa home insurance already and later on buy aaa insurance auto insurance as well can win auto multi-car policy discount. This discount is also prepared for people who continuously renew their homeowner’s insurance policy without any gap.
  • Consumers who take a loan in order to purchase a new house receive a new loan discount.
  • Customers of aaa home owner’s insurance can save up to 5% if they become the members of aaa auto club along with home owner’s insurance.
  • Also, customers who utilize different insurance services such as home, life auto insurance of aaa insurance can save up to 25%, which is almost half payment.

aaa life insurance:

aaa life insurance service unlike other companies is the most reliable and unique one. There are many leading insurance agencies in the United States but none of them have ever provided such an offer and the offer is “you don’t need to be a member of aaa insurance in order to buy aaa life insurance service” amazing right? You can buy policies of other insurance agencies along with giving a chance to aaa insurance that whether the company is well-suited to take the responsibility of your life insurance or not.

Other than that, although the company allows people to buy its life insurance service without being its member, the person will not get the opportunity to enjoy low charges the company only offers to its members.

Life insurance policies offered by aaa insurance:

  • Guaranteed whole life
  • Standard whole life
  • Standard term life
  • Universal life insurance
  • Express term with no medical exam.

Overall, even aaa isn’t one of the best-rated insurance companies for home and auto. But, looking at its performance it is not too long that the company will be in competition with other leading insurance companies internationally.