Many insurance agencies in the United States offer auto and home insurance services at affordable rates. But, the purpose of this blog is to share with you the best-rated insurance companies for home and auto that you can rely upon for your home and auto insurance services.

To become legal drivers, the purchase of basic auto insurance is compulsory for the citizens. Therefore, different home and auto insurance coverages were prepared to provide financial support to people in their hard times along with making them responsible for their actions.


StateFarm is the largest insurance agency in the united states. The company holds an 18% market share in terms of home insurance and 17% in terms of auto insurance. The company has been in the market for 100 years. Such grand and experienced companies are rear. The company is well-aware of the market and customer’s mind-set. StateFarm provides its customers with the best services supporting diverse backgrounds. Simply, no matter what country or city you originally belong to, if you are a citizen of the united states the treatment will be the best.

StateFarm along with being the greatest insurance agency in the united states is the cheapest auto insurance agency as well. thus, a no.1 company with great services at affordable rates too, why should a person ever think of looking somewhere else.

The company is well-known for its great customer services. A customer gets proper details along with queries clearance whenever he/she visits the company. Each coverage carries a grand discount. Thus, StateFarm customers enjoy a long-lasting relationship with the company.


Travelers the most trusted company all over the united states. The company has been in the market for 160 years, even the figure of 160 years gives chills. There are countless initiatives that Traveler’s insurance agency was the first one to take due to its experience in the market.

The company offers a vast variety of coverages and there is almost no customer that doesn’t find coverage suitable for them. Also, certain customers stated that the company was no good at customer service, and the claim filing processes took forever. Other than that, the company has provided customers the best services at affordable rates.


Allstate is the second-largest insurance agency when it comes to auto insurance. The company has been in the industry since 1931 supporting its customers in thick and thin. The company has 79,000 employees including local agents. Thus, you can predict from the local agents that how much the company is confident in its services.

Allstate rates unlike StateFarm are high but the services are worth it. Also, there are many coverages, the customer if clearly understands Allstate policy he/she can easily utilize the great services of the company at affordable rates as well.


Nationwide, an insurance agency that provides the best bundle deals. Bundle deals are the one in which you buy home and auto or some other combination in one bundle. The company is well-known for providing great customer service along with a variety of coverages. In other words, no matter what class you belong to you can afford insurance at Nationwide because of the company’s vast variety of coverages.

There are circumstances where the customers complain that insurance rates are increasing day by day but still, the company does provide excellent services that are deniable. Also, the company provides the final file per year which includes all the data as a record of claims filed, discounts, and how the company tried its best to provide the customers the best rates.


USAA, the company selling its services in the market since 1922. This company provides its insurance services specifically to army officers, retired officers, or anyone who has been a member of the army, was or is a cadet, etc. 25 army officers founded USAA, who first provided insurance services to each other and later on the group became a company that started to sell its services world-wide.

The company is the largest private insurance agency in San Antonio. Thus, if you are someone having an army officer background or was even a mere member you USAA is the only company you should be looking upon because the company provides excellent insurance services at the cheapest rates.


Farmers the 7th largest insurance company in the United States. This company is well-known, because of its great customer services. The company secured the 7th best insurance agency position in the United States solely depending on its customer service. Company does not provide many discounts or coverages so there are limited options, but the rates are extremely affordable.

The company helped the drivers who belonged to rural areas so, when they needed to buy even basic auto insurance coverage they may not suffer due to their low income. For this very reason, Framer’s establishment took place, so indirectly the main purpose is to provide insurance to customers at affordable rates. So, you can say that if you are looking for something reasonable along with great service Farmers is the one.

Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual same as state Farm has been in the industry for 100 years, providing home and auto insurance services to its customers. The company’s auto insurance services can be approach form websites, call centers, and local agents, etc.

Although the company is one of the leading insurance enterprises internationally, providing excellent services, the rates are way too high. Also, there are complaints that the company is not good at customer service. There is no concept of customer mistreatment but things don’t work out as well. Queries do not get much attention; the discounts are not of much help. We can say that the company provides excellent services but the rates aren’t good enough.