In the united states, to become legal drivers every state has imposed every citizen to buy basic Auto Insurance Coverages. There are many leading insurance agencies within the united states such as Amica, USAA, Travelers, Progressive Insurance, and many more, that help citizens become legal drivers in their state.

Okay, let’s suppose you have become a legal driver and everything’s running smoothly but suddenly you encounter an accident, now what? What if the damage you suffered is excessive and you can’t come up with enough money instantly to support yourself. This is where other auto insurance coverages step in. These auto insurance coverages were prepared after witnessing horrible accidents people encountered and were not able to pay their medical bills, repair their vehicles, etc.

The coverages include

  • Auto collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage

Auto collision coverage:

In Auto collision coverage, the company handles customers’ financial matters if they encounter an accident. The opportunity to avail Auto collision coverage depends on certain scenarios. The situations include

  • Hitting a building, a shop, or some house
  • Hitting some porthole
  • Bumped into another car
  • You’ve gotten hit by another vehicle
  • Hitting an object, for example, a tree or some shelter, etc.
  • Your car flipped

The auto collision coverage includes deductibles, meaning to gain the company’s auto collision coverage support you’ll pay a certain amount at the moment of buying the coverage. The company will support you even if you are at fault.

The rates usually start at 500$. Thus, if you get yourself engaged in an accident the company will pay the bills to repair the damage. If the damage you suffered has exceeded the amount you’ve paid then you’ll have to pay that money to the insurer.

You will pay the deductibles even if the other party was responsible. The company’s priority is to persuade the responsible party to pay up the bills but if things don’t work out the consumer will have to pay the deductibles.

Comprehensive auto insurance:

Comprehensive auto insurance refers to cover all your expenses if you’ve received damaged due to some natural disaster, theft, etc. The term comprehensive means complete so many people without reading the whole thing consider comprehensive auto insurance the coverage that provides support for all kinds of auto problems which is not the case.

The situations where a person can avail comprehensive auto insurance are:

  • Vandalism
  • Windshield repair
  • Hitting an animal (even a bird)
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Civil disturbances
  • Fire
  • Damage caused by falling objects

The company pays bills for even minor damages such as a small crack of the windshield, but the deductibles apply to receive such financial support.

This coverage does not include payments for collision auto coverage issues such as accidents, hitting a tree, etc.

The company will also support you if you’ve suffered damage due to natural disasters.

Now there are many cases where people showed negligence towards buying comprehensive coverage. Many companies, later on, made it compulsory for people to buy comprehensive coverage along with auto collision coverage to provide them a secure driving experience.


Earlier there was no concept for providing coverages to people living in areas that are more prone to wildfire, tornados, and flood. People in such areas suffered to instantly come up with money that might help them to cover damages. Also, the destruction was too excessive that it took forever to get back to a normal routine. This also resulted in insurers not taking such responsibility because the rates as compared to normal auto collision coverage were high.

The rate of people buying auto collision coverage was already high forgetting comprehensive collision on the other hand. Later on, many companies to support people in such difficult times came up with the strategy of making the purchase of comprehensive collision along with auto collision coverage.

This strategy resulted in a much more controlled and secure environment than before.

Difference between auto collision coverage and comprehensive coverage through examples:

If you receive damage from a boulder because you bumped into it due to your poor driving skills or negligence, the company will support you financially because of your auto collision coverage.

If a boulder appears from nowhere in front of your car and you don’t get a chance to avoid it, comprehensive coverage will handle the repair issues.

If you’ve received damage because you bumped into a tree while driving at full-speed, you are responsible for the damage. In this case, auto Collison coverage is the one to depend upon.

Comprehensive coverage

You were driving safely and a tree branch fell onto your car roof resulting in massive damage comprehensive collision coverage is the one to look upon because you were not responsible for making a tree branch fell on your car.

If you’ve received damage because some thief smashed your car window with a stone or some other equipment your comprehensive collision coverage will secure you.

If you’ve received damage such as windows smashed, the car body got cracks due to a collision with another car the auto collision coverage will cover the damage.

Thus, with such an explanation and example, the difference between comprehensive and auto collision coverages must’ve been clear. No matter how much safe and responsible drivers we become we can never predict when we can get ourselves into trouble.

Thus, auto insurance companies provide us security and help us lead a secure and happy life. As mentioned afore, there are many leading insurance agencies world-wide that took this initiative just to maintain rules and help people in their hard times. Many strategies to support people living in areas where floods and fire issues are usually implemented. Due to such hard work of the company and the government the public must be responsible and ensure to protect themselves from such circumstances so that we all can lead a successful and secure life.