Hi There, 
Did you want to use a video on your website?
Did that video affect your website speed?
Did you want to compress that video without losing its quality?

So, you are in the right place today we will learn how to compress a video without losing its quality. There are lots of online and offline tools that you can use to compress a video for your website or for an email. Let’s start with some online tools.

Before starting let me take a video as a sample so we can work on it.

Let’s Start Now:

So first of all select, a video you want to compress in this tutorial I’m going to use this video as a sample https://pixabay.com/videos/mountain-sky-fog-hills-aerial-34608/ you can use any video you want I downloaded this video in these dimensions 2560×1440, and its size is about 19.3MB which is a very large size for a website and it may slow down your website and deliver a very bad user experience. Now it’s time to compress it.

Online Video Compression tools:

1. Clideo ( Paid tool )
Cildeo is a very good and handy tool to compress a video online. Cildeo has a bunch of tools which you can use, I’ll explain those tools soon. First of all, we have to upload our video file to Clideo by clicking this button 

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There are several ways to select a file as you can select your file using Google Drive, DropBox, By direct URL, or by uploading the file directly, Once uploading is done, a screen like this will appear, now your video is under process it will take some time to process depending on your internet connection.

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Once the compression is done you can see the difference in the size of your video. In my case, I uploaded a 19.3MB video file and Cildeo compressed it to a 6.3MB file which is great.

#Compressd #Image #video #free


Now we have to remove the watermark from the video so let’s do it real quick.

Click on the Remove WaterMark button and you will see a popup asking you to sign up via Google or Facebook.

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Choose one from which you want to sing up Select a package 

#Compressd #Image #video #free

Choose a payment method and you are good to go.

2. ClipChamp ( Free Tool )

Now let’s talk about our second tool on the list. Clipchamp is a free and efficient tool to compress a video for a website. Its user interface is very easy to understand. Now in order to compress a video on Clipchamp, you have opened its website and click on the Compress a video now button

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By clicking this it will redirect you to the signup page you can signup using Facebook, Gmail and by directly entering your email 

#Compressd #Image #video #free

After sign up, it will redirect you to the dashboard from where you can upload your video file 

#Compressd #Image #video #free

Upload your file and select I want to optimize for: Web and then click start and it will start compressing your video. In my case, I used the previous video which was 19.3MB and it compressed it to 9.8MB without losing quality and watermark.

Offline Video Compression tools:

There are several offline tools and software to compress a video but in this article, I’ll mention one of them which I used personally and it works worked well for me

1.Free Video Compressor

I’ve been using this software for a very long time and I think this is the best one I found. It is free, easy to use, and efficient in work. So, first of all, download the software and install it by using the normal software installation method

Next, Next and Next

When the software is installed, open the software and select the video file you want to compress

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And now select your desired video size by the Desired video size option in the options tab and then press the compress button.

#Compressd #Image #video #free

And it will compress video for you.