Windows 10 is an improved pirated and updated version of Microsoft Windows, popular for its predecessor, but it has come with a dozen of privacy issues. Cortana, information synchronization, and Integrated advertising, with Microsoft servers, are all there for you to personalize your experience, but Windows creates the line between your privacy and personalization.

These trackers and services can be disabled to some extent but some of those trackers can get your personal data back like your email content or files in folders. This can happen when you update your Windows and without your knowledge track your data.

So the question arises how can we protect our data while keep using Windows 10? Well, there are many ways to protect your online privacy by using some tools, but the best way to remain secure online is to use Windows VPN.

Windows VPNs are here to secure your private data and online activity by encrypting all of your online traffic. VPNs encrypt and protect your personal data from hackers, app developers, your own ISP, your search engines, the Five Eyes, and owners of social networks, who are always ready to hack your private data and trade it willingly. These days the traditional firewall or antivirus is not effective anymore, as a result of which the use of VPN is rapidly increasing day by day to prevent any trouble in the future regarding the privacy of your personal data.

Without using a VPN, your location, IP address, online communications, and social networking data are at risk of hacking. VPN software allows you to use the internet privately whether you are using public Wi-Fi or any other network.

What are the Best VPNs for Windows?

There are many different versions of Microsoft Windows so it might be slightly confusing to you which VPN is best to choose for your Windows operating system. After a thorough analysis, we have assembled the top 5 VPN services for windows that will certainly help protect your online activity.

1. NordVPN:

NordVPN service has been known as one of the big leaders in the VPN market since 2007. Its security features include its one-of-a-kind double-data encryption technology which is the symptom of the full safety of your data which is encrypted not only once but twice. It stands for OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec which are completely free windows protocols and contain high SSL-based 2048-bit encryption. Additionally, you can also have access to Tor over VPN, which permits you to protect your online visibility.

It also bears an automatic kill switch feature that immediately turns down the websites or any other software of your choice. It costs $2.75/ month.

2. ExpressVPN:

One of the best things about this VPN service is its simplicity. Unlike, Its website is completely neat and clean and free from any disturbing noise. It is the fastest VPN software for Windows 7 and 10 which automatically connects to the available server. If you want to run the VPN on more than one device at the same time, you can set it on a DD-WRT-compatible router. ExpressVPN service is supported on Android and iOS devices both. It is a 3-month-free VPN for windows that have subscription plans in three phases and the subscription starts at the rate of dollar 12.95 monthly. The amount will reduce to dollar 8.32 monthly on a subscription of 1 year. It is obviously the most expensive service on the list, but it also presents an amazing amalgamation of speed, privacy, and ease of use.

3. VyprVPN:

You can easily change your IP address through VyprVPN and enjoy appearing local to more than 70 different locations. It has a network of 700 servers which is invaluable when you travel to several countries that applies Internet censorship, in schools or workplaces as well that impose certain restrictions. VyprVPN allows you to access blocked websites and have access to them without any surfing. It has more than 200,000 IP addresses. Your online presence can be secured with end-to-end encryption using this windows VPN server. After registration, you will have a time of three days for testing VPN services. The subscription packages include– Basic, Pro, and Premium with monthly or yearly billing choices. The annual subscription of the basic package is dollar 5 per month. While the Premium is available at a dollar 6.67 monthly. All packages ensure protection from the third party.

4. IPVanish:

The window of IPVanish has a built-in server that has 256-bit AES encryption, with a zero-log policy, as well as boundless bandwidth along with a laundry list of perks as anonymous limitless torrenting, combined with fast speeds and extraordinary performance. IPVanish owns servers in more than 60 countries and offers smooth streaming from BBC iPlayer to Hulu. So now enjoy accessing over the region restrictions with configurable software, and remain an unidentified user. It has some subscription packages starting from $10 per month to $6.49 per month if you buy service for one year.

However, you have free access to IPVanish for seven days. It stands for many platforms and allows up to five connections at the same time from different devices per individual user.  The protocols used by this VPN include OpenVPN UDP or TCP, PPTP, and L2TP.

5. CyberGhost:

CyberGhost is a Romanian-based corporation that provides an easy-to-use and genuine service at reasonable prices. It is a windows VPN server that is perfect for internet censorship and unblocking restricted content worldwide. CyberGhost is definitely a secure VPN server with super fast speed and amazing privacy features with strong encryption. It has 1800 servers in more than 56 countries worldwide and Automated Kill Switch feature. The VPN software may allow connections on more than 7 devices simultaneously. CyberGhost used 256-bit AES Encryption. You can also enjoy the 30-day money-back guarantee. It has a subscription package starting at $11.99 (GBP £8.61) per month, a three-month option as well coming at $9.99 (GBP £7.34) per month, and a one-year package beginning at $2.75 (GBP £2.02) per month.

FAQs Related to Windows VPN

Why Do You Need A VPN for Windows?

The government administration has the authority to spy on your internet activity worldwide. Internet service providers accomplish data retention tasks on behalf of governments, and even in the United States, they are able to sell web browsing histories to third parties. Moreover, a number of unions between countries which are known as “5 eyes”, “9 eyes” and “14 eyes”, allow each other to overcome local restrictions and constraints.

To get out of these Windows privacy issues, VPN is the best solution to keep your personal data secure and private. At first, it encrypts all of the internet traffic coming in and going out from your PC or laptop. This way, no one will be able to track your online activities, no matter whether it’s your ISP, a hacker, or the government, you are secured.

Secondly, a VPN lets you change your real IP address so that you can torrent safely. By using a VPN, you can connect to a VPN server in different countries and get access to geo-restricted websites and online blocked content. VPN also offers to bypass government censorship and restricted video content in your home country.

What Are The Features Of A VPN For Windows?

There are many different companies offering their VPN services with some unique and new features which might get you confused when choosing a VPN for your windows. In order to help you out, we have listed below the main features of a VPN you should know about.

1. Provider Location:

The location or VPN provider’s location is highly considered to ensure whether the VPN may protect your data or not having published zero-logging policies.

2. Logging:

If you have a major issue with privacy, you will definitely focus on zero-logging providers.

3. Encryption:

Nowadays the current golden standard for VPNs is AES-256 encryption which is complete with Perfect Forward privacy.

4. Speed:

VPNs with the highest speed are recommended because when browsing through a VPN by end-to-end encryption, it may cause your internet speed and the sires may take longer to respond.

5. Price:

Reliable and devoted VPN providers are masters at price transparency who render free trial periods, money-back guarantees, as well as access support or comprehensive FAQs.

How to Setup a VPN on Windows?

To set up your VPN on Windows, you just have to follow the steps below:

1. First of all, from the start menu go to the setting option. Click the Start button and go to your Start menu and select Settings. Then you have to click on the Network & Internet.

2. Then you will see VPN on the left of your system’s settings and click on them. Now, to add the VPN click the ‘+’ icon which is for Add a VPN connection.

3. Then click on Windows Default in the VPN provider box.

4. Then you may name your VPN connection in the Connection name box. If you are supposed to connect by a particular name, you will have to type the same name at this stage.

5. Afterward, provide the key to the IP address given by a VPN in the address box.

6. Then choose the protocol that is used by your VPN server and then you will be logged into your VPN by clicking on the connect button.

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