Kaka Blogs is a platform for citizen journalism emerging out in the tsunami of traditional journalism in Pakistan. The website basically provides instant text or visual reporting of any of current affair in the country. It provides authentic news and intellectual views on the specific news. In the world which has become a global village where every person wants to have the latest news in front of him all the time, Kaka Blogs is an easy and approachable site for everyone to know every latest news.

Since Kaka Blogs is a place for citizen journalism, it provides the readers 
with the latest affairs of the places where there is political upheaval or the print and broadcast media are strictly controlled by the government. The blog provides all kinds of the news from different parts of the world. And being a platform for citizen journalism, it spreads news in a very day to day style that is comprehensible for common masses.

The blog covers following areas and the team is striving to enhance the variety of news on the website:

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Trending




This area of Kaka Blog covers news and blogs on many topics, such as specific items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in
various apparel markets, celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends. Readers can stay in touch with the trendy ideas and latest news of the fashion industry.


This area provides news about latest technological advancements and various new equipments that are introduced with the passage of time. Nowadays the world is connected through this technology, i.e, several social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram so people are usually curious about the development in this field. They need latest news about it. Kaka blog eliminates all the worries of the people by providing this section on the website.


Kaka Blogs provides news and information about many trending events: It includes the news and analysis over the different businesses in the whole world, the rise and fall in the economy of different countries, the economical conditions in relation to the political situations of a country and about stock exchanges. This will help people take better decisions for their better economic benefits knowing the latest business news and analysis.

Thus, Kaka Blog has a variety of news to cater the needs of the people around the world with different tastes. The team creates engaging content for the audiences in a simple language. In conclusion, providing neutral platform with latest news of different parts of the world and promoting citizen journalism in Pakistan is the original goal of the team of Kaka Blog.